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About JacoBeachCosta

Jaco Beach Costa Rica This company was formed after we had over 10 years of being within the tourism industry as guides in different tours: Rafting, Canopy, ATV and now as host and excursion guides. We want to provide personalized service to not only our clients, our new friends, in the most efficient way possible. Of course, all this is always to protect our flora and fauna,` because our country has 6% of the world’s

biodiversity, which makes it attractive and popular destinations such as volcanoes, mountain ranges, waterfalls, National Parks, biological reserves, forest, private refuges, indigenous reserves, lagoons, lakes, islands and more, lot more. This makes it possible to have a large number of tours for adventurous and for naturalist’s people.

With our experience as guides, we make you see the tour from another point of view and not as managers of companies that never get out of the office and never stay on tours like us. In all our services we provide modern vehicles with air conditioning, a cold beverage, bilingual guides, insurance, and professional equipment.

We will always be in touch with you and give you the best service. Besides we can help you to find accommodation in hotels of different quality, depending on your taste. Also, remember that in every service you book with us you will learn more about Costa Rica and its riches.

Our very knowledge, kindness and helpful guides are there to teach you the different symbiotic relationships, natural balances existing. These details that other companies don’t have to make us the best choice for you. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be your host and guides in Costa Rica.