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Jaco Private chef & Catering Service
Private services are a quality solution for different types of culinary trips, from a romantic dinner for two … to a massive event. and we deeply honor this commitment!

We will always be happy to customize your event to suit any need or idea you have in mind.
And of course … we will have other suggestions to surprise you.
Your Private Chef Jaco will work with you to create a memorable experience in the comfort of your home, vacation villa, beach or the place you choose.

Jaco Beach Private Chef, Costa Rica Catering Services in Jaco Beach, Los Suenos, Playa Hermosa from Your Private Chef Jaco jaco on Vimeo.

Food Private Event JacoOur chef, a large portion of the kitchen staff and all our bartenders and waiters have made his career in prestigious gourmet hotels and great 5 star cuisines.

Together a vast culinary experience, international flavors palette of ultra-diversa and specialists of individual French cuisine, Mexican, Vegan, Costa Rican, style and of course, Your Private Chef tropical cuisine, with dozens of creations unique that will surprise you.

And remember … At Your Private Chef Jaco, we like to satisfy the ideas and completely personalize every event or dinner we organize.
Do not hesitate to contact us to share your ideas. We will be happy to submit a proposal.
Maud: + (506) 8397-6139
Bruno: + (506) 8995-4946
*Monday – Sunday*