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Costa Rica is currently in a fight, once and for all, to regulate everything related to gambling, casinos and gambling in general. Yes, there are official lotteries, responsibility is conducting Social Protection Board (JPS) of San Jose, the capital of this beautiful Central American country.

Part of what clearly refers to sports betting is in charge of the Costa Rican Institute of Sport and Recreation (ICODER). Anyway, Congress should become law the bill prepared by the Ministry of Finance, which is designed to promote public confidence around this phenomenon, often suspected of irregularities and illegalities.

However, the history of sports betting in Costa Rica dates back to the 70s, when a system called “Totogol”, similar to the classic game of odds, went on to sell up to 300,000 forms per week, achieving remarkable success among football fans. In 1994, legislation was passed by a party that, finally, administrative problems, never saw the light.His name was Creatico and arose from an initiative between the Union of Football Clubs (UNAFUT) CREA local households (House Addicts Reduction). This entertainment was predicting about 12 games, six of Costa Rica and six Spanish league tournament, indicating winner or tie. While in mid-2008 he spoke of the launch, this never happened.


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